Play Reimagined.


Joyful children playing with water on a sunny day, with a smiling girl in denim overalls raising her hands up in the air, enjoying the water splashes, while other kids are seen in the background, capturing a moment of pure summer fun.

Let's Reimagine

Let’s reimagine a world unbridled by restraint. Where anything you can think, you can do. Where anything you design, you can make. Where creativity is free to roam, and where imagination unleashes innovation, excitement, connection and joy. That’s the power of play, and at ZURU Toys, we’re reimagining it, every day.

Here, creativity is the tool. Scale, automation and agility are the strengths. And better solutions is the goal, delivering quality, relevance and affordability for all. Driven by heart and connected by our desire for improvement, together, we’re redefining the status quo by reimagining tomorrow.

Exuberant young adults at a team event, wearing 'Team ZURU' t-shirts and cheerfully waving orange inflatable sticks, with expressions of excitement and camaraderie, set against a backdrop of a festive crowd.

Our Team and Culture

At ZURU Toys, we’re a team of high-performing people brought together by our shared purpose. With offices across 10 countries, our diverse and global team is bound by a desire to think differently, disrupt the status quo and have fun doing it.

People are at the heart of our company, and the needs and values of people are at the heart of everything we make. Championing the driven and the brave, our supportive, tight-knit culture excels at giving our people the trust and freedom to work with speed, agility and initiative - enabling themselves, and their projects to flourish. At ZURU, anything you do, you do on a global scale, so opportunities for career growth are endless. If you’re talented, tenacious, and looking for something more, talk to us about joining the team!

It is our ambition to support, inspire, educate and promote the growth of opportunity for women in the workforce. With a remarkable 73% female workforce, we demonstrate that diversity and a mix of cultures only strengthens our ability to compete with industry leaders. Diversity is a core driver for thinking differently.



We believe that becoming myopic in the toy industry is to become redundant. This is why we approach business with a vision of preparing for the future – the world which children will one day live and play. Sustainability is a commitment to current and future generations, to leave this world better than when we were brought into it.

The social conscience of our society is growing every day and so too is the social conscience of our company. We have individuals in our team who are extremely passionate about sustainability, and are constantly looking at how we can incorporate sustainable practices into our business, products, and future lines of toys and consumer goods.

We incorporated this mentality into the production of ZURU Bunch O Balloons. Our balloons are made from natural rubber latex and the stems can also be easily recycled through your regular recycling bins.

As of September 2019, ZURU Bunch O Balloons are 100% recyclable – balloons, packaging and stems – in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom via a partnership with Terracycle Inc.


Taking a Stand

We are delighted to be official Corporate Partners of Shenzhen-based charity, Captivating International, as we support their mission to see underprivileged children reach a better tomorrow. Through two programs, the My First Job Program and Vocational School Scholarships, we hope to support over 300 young women back through education and give them a future they can look forward to.

Inspired? Come work with us.