Play Reimagined.

Reimagining Play, Every Day.

Inspired by the limitless possibilities of kids’ imaginations, ZURU is an award-winning company devoted to reimagining what it means to play.

One of the largest toy companies in the world, ZURU distributes to all major retailers in over 120 countries with brands such as Bunch O Balloons, X-Shot, Rainbocorns, Robo Alive, Smashers, 5 Surprise, and Pets Alive, as well as partnering with entertainment properties, including Disney, Nickelodeon, and Universal Studios.

Champions of creativity, the company utilizes its strengths in agility, automation, and innovation to deliver unrivaled play experiences to kids and their families all over the globe.

Interactive setup of ZURU Mini Brands Sneakers collection with a hand placing a miniature sneaker on a pedestal, surrounded by sports-themed items including tennis balls, a water bottle, a cap, and a racket on a blue background.

Mini Brands

Girl laying on pile of snackles plushies | ZURU Toys


5 Surprise | NBA Ballers, hand reaching for collectible NBA Players on desk

5 Surprise




Bunch O Balloons



Smashers | ZURU Toys


Robo Alive | ZURU Toys

Robo Alive

Pets Alive | ZURU Toys

Pets Alive

Metal Machines | ZURU Toys

Metal Machines

Sparkle Girls | ZURU Toys

Sparkle Girlz

Fidget Cube | ZURU Toys

Fidget Cube

Max | ZURU Toys
Coco Surprise | ZURU Toys

Coco Surprise